Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Custom Wedding Favors...

Guests plan. They travel. They buy dresses and suits, and often very generous wedding gifts. Favors acknowledge their kindness and send them away with a sweet thought. The tradition goes back to the times when weddings were believed to be good luck and sending your guest home with a trinket, often a porcelain box filled with a sugar treat, would pass that good luck to them.

Today's wedding favors can be almost anything, but so often these well meant tokens end up in a drawer, until, lets face it, you get up the courage to toss them out. The best way to avoid the guilt and the clutter is an edible favor. Whether they gobble them up on the car ride home, or savor them the next day, edible wedding favors conjure up wonderful memories of the day, and satisfy a sweet tooth.

While most of my hours are spent in cake creations, for me favors can be a welcome creative diversion. I love the challenge of coming up with just the right idea for each couple.

Stacey and David are avid scrabble players, and they wanted something special that their guests would enjoy, but would make them grin with recognition at their long term passion. So with this inspiration, Sugar Couture created scrabble board cookie favors, 6" across, with "DAVID AND STACEY LOVE U" spelled out on the board. Wrapped in beautiful bow tied boxes, their guests treasured the thoughtful gift as they made their way through the huge cookie!

For an elegant wedding at the Plaza, a long time client and wedding planner ordered mini chocolate boxes, with two blossom chocolates in each box. The white chocolate treats were sprinkled with pink peppercorn centers, and filled with a luscious candied ginger ganache. Each box had a bow in a matching ribbon color and a label with the couple's name and date.

One of my favorite favor options we make are our edible escort cards... delicious sugar cookies with an edible image to correspond to the event decor. Each guests' name is printed on the cookie, along with their table number. Functional and surprising.

Of course monogrammed cookies, luscious salted caramels and chocolate truffles are always good traditional options. Mini cakes are a decadent and truly special treat. Packages of cookies made from a cherished family recipe is a smart and sentimental gift to send home with your friends and family. The options are limitless and are inspired by the wedding design and couples personal tastes.

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