Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Past lives and Cake Convergance...

I've had past lives. Not necessarily the kind where I was Cleopatra, (though if its possible, I'm pretty sure in the last one I was a man), but the kind a lot of people, the most interesting ones at least, seem to have lately. My first love was film and after dreaming about being a great film director, I went to film school, and right after, found myself working on some pretty good stuff. Turns out that I was a pretty decent producer and had the opportunity to make some good work, have some great experiences, and meet some great people. When working on a film, you pretty much become a family... the hours are long and you really don't have time for anything else in your life, so you become very close to those you work with. When the film is done, everyone goes their own ways and starts their next extended family. You try to keep up with them, you really do.

But then in your next life...(or on facebook) you can sometimes cross creative paths again. And this is how I reconnected my cake life with the fabulous Yale Gurney. A million years ago, Yale was a production assistant on a documentary about modeling that I produced, working on his own film career. Now, in his second life, he's a brilliantly talented photographer. Its fun to discover your talents can stretch further than you ever knew. (who knew I could carve cake???) One of the more valuable lessons I've learned is that if you trust yourself to do your best, you'll always be surprised by what you're capable of.

Yale's photographs are rich and soulful. He's equally adept with still life, portraits, has a keen eye for documentary, and capturing a moment. Lucky for me, he was able to lend his talents to one of my recent favorite cakes. For her 40th birthday at Lucky Strikes in Manhattan, Lauren wanted a cake that was all about her... and Lauren is all about shoes. And travel. And glamourousness. And shoes. So her birthday cake was as fabulous as she is, and photographed on scene by the talented Yale Gurney. I'm thrilled to be able to share his photos with you. Everything you see is edible, make up, jewels, blackberry, shoe heel, passport... everything is sugar paste, and even the oreo packet, which contained real oreos!

Check out his web site and behind the photo blog for glimpses into the back stories.

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