Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sugar Couture on Brooklyn Bride!

When I moved into my current space, I made sure to develop an environment that I wanted to spend A LOT of time in- including many late nights- that would inspire me and help me find peace when things got a bit crazy. So I painted the walls a bright hydrangea blue, packed the shelves with the books I love, and generally sprinkled color everywhere, in and around the more industrial stainless. I think some people thought I was a bit nuts when I covered the walls in that bold of a color. But I knew exactly what I was doing.

Today, Brooklyn Bride, featured my studio (and me) in its Studio Tour column. Brooklyn Bride is a terrific source for all things modern bridal. To plan a gorgeous, one of a kind wedding, Brooklyn Bride should be your very first stop! Thanks so much to Vane for featuring SC!

For a peek at my studio, and all the gorgeous inspiration Brooklyn Bride has to offer head to...


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