Monday, July 27, 2009

Color my world...

While this week shapes up to be quite a busy one, its nothing in comparison with August. It will be all work then, but while I'm still breathing freely, I can share these...

I have a special affinity for very personal cakes... I call them cakestories. I love the creative stimulation from the one offs, and feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you've made something so personal, and really shared a moment with someone.

This one was for Marie.... She was celebrating her 30th birthday, and as if she needed another reason for a party, she had also just finished her Master's degree in psychology. The Master Plan cake, as its come to be called, incorporated these themes, as well as her personal style and the party atmosphere to make one unique cake, just for her.

First birthdays are big at SC. Now whether these parties are to celebrate the baby, or the parents having gotten through that first, so tough year, is up in the air. Either way, there is certainly something to celebrate! Kat is a lovely mom of a one year old, who came up with the most poetic idea... Based first on the idea that the grandparents call her baby "little bird" the idea came to her to do a cake, all in white, with a bird landing on it, holding a paint brush, as though he had brought color into the world. Such a lovely idea! Often I work to come up with all the ideas, but this time it was brought entirely to me. Wish I had though of this one, but I can't take the credit.



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