Monday, December 7, 2009

Dog Shaped Cakes

I love my dog with that kind of craziness only dog lovers- without children- can understand. Sasha is such a fixture in our lives that I can't imagine a day without her. Recently, to combat her unexpected arthritis at the age of 6, we even put her through a new stem cell treatment in an attempt to get back the spring in her step. There is nothing we wouldn't do for our baby.

So I completely understand a client that wants to surprise a loved one with their furry companion in the form of a cake. I spend my days recreating someone's favorite things, with the alchemical magic of sugar, butter, flour and eggs. But when it comes to dog cakes, I'm always a bit leery... will the guest of honor want to cut into their treasured canine? While I often hear that cakes are too lovely to cut, to me its a total waste if a cake isn't enjoyed to its fullest potential... I want you to cut it and eat it, and make it disappear!

My solution... make the dog part of the scene, make it from cereal treats, and the cake into something else, so should the problem arise, no one has to cut into their beautiful babies.

In this bridal shower cake, the dog lies on its cake bed, which is covered in her favorite cuddle towel. Sure enough, after the party, my client let me know that the bride had no intention on letting the dog feel even a tickle from the tip of the knife. Safely removed, and put aside with her trusty tennis ball, the "bed" cake was free to be devoured!

You know, I almost can't resist petting these "sweet" dogs! Something in them really comes to life for me as I'm creating them, coaxing the curves in their form from a 2 d photo, into a 3 d reality.