Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What makes the cut...

Not every cake makes the website. Sometimes its similar enough to its predecessor that, while it may be a great piece, it doesn't bring something new. Often enough there just isn't time to make a beautiful picture before it heads out the door. And sometimes, because of the custom nature of some of projects, they are so specific to one client that it may not necessarily have meaning to anyone else. Here are a few that I've loved, but didn't get the beauty shot.

This one is a teaser of some mini cakes I made for a wonderful client that holds a fabulous Awards party every year.

For the 50th Anniversary of Modells Pawn Shop and Diamond dealer... Who knew photoshop wouldn't let you scan and print money? Well, specifically, it wouldn't let me print the $20's... it was fine with the singles.

A copy of a Wedgwood pattern and sugar cake server.

I love ANYTHING Moroccan and jump on the chance to work in that style.

More "Didn't make the Cut" to come!

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